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So did we. We wanted to share our expertise too. Specifically, with YOU. So we got to work!  We’re Andrea and Sarah. We are longtime friends with backgrounds in media and public relations.  We’ve both worked for PR agencies with big brands, helping clients get placements in Fast Company, Business Insider as well as top trade outlets to boost credibility and achieve business goals.  Welcome you! If you’ve landed here we want to hear all about you and see you make media breakthroughs and having people asking about your success.


Andrea holland

In 2014, after nearly 10 years working for large global PR firms, placing clients everywhere from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and TechCrunch, and speaking on the stages at CES and SXSW, I quit.  I quit, with the vision and desire to travel more, work smarter and help more people. 

sarah elder

I’m a Bay Area based PR-consultant and a former journalist. I earned a M.A. in journalism from The University of Miami and a B.A. from University of California Santa Barbara. Post graduate school, I reported for the Miami Herald newsroom and later worked as public relations strategist with PR agencies. 


Can you envision the future?

Have you been doing the same thing over and over again, and getting the same lackluster results? We thought so. It’s a tough place to be. You want more for yourself, but don't know how to get there. We’ve been there. It sucks. Yep, we're saying it, because we can! This is our site, our Interweb hub and we make the rules. It’s liberating. In all honesty though, there was no short, linear path to get here. The dissatisfaction at our 9-5 jobs strained personal and romantic relationships, but walking away from a 401K and health benefits seemed moronic. It was a painful back and forth dance. More and more though, we were realizing the "work, work, work, then retire" mentality wasn’t for us. So, we chose fulfillment to work from wherever we wanted (Andrea moved to Southeast Asia for three months) and Sarah created time to author her own days (every week Sarah makes a point to practice piano no less than four times). Ultimately, we moved into working for ourselves. 

While the path was not so straightforward, the toolbox was simple.


Equipped with an Internet connection, supportive colleagues and portable hardware, we  took our skills out of the great hamster wheel and decided it was time. Time to work with the clients that we understood best: our fellow entrepreneurs. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, developed fully comprehensive public relations programs, and seen the results. One client saw 10K new signups for his app after getting a key piece on Other clients increased their market share after getting in Wall Street Journal.

We want to see you - the consultant, the solopreneur, the digital nomad, the expert that uses media as a smart and powerful tool, to leap toward your business goals in just six weeks. Are you ready to learn how to take your business to next level? Are you prepared to get featured in your industry's top publication and see the leads and sales come in? In just 6-weeks we can give you the strategy, know-how for winning over the media, and hacks to gain the credibility you desire to reach your goals.

Cheers, Andrea and Sarah

My byline was published within three weeks of participating in the PRTraction coaching program, and the leads that came from it were qualified. I’d recommend this process to any solopreneur who isn’t ready to pay 5 figures/month for a PR firm and wants to learn how to get published on their own and gain authority and credibility in their space.
— Christian Martin, CEO of ProfitFox
Just two weeks into the PR Traction coaching program, I was asked to guest blog for the leading wine industry CRM software company. This is exactly my target audience, and a perfect platform to share my expertise and establish credibility as an industry leader
— Stephanie Friedman, CEO of Affinity dtc
Andrea helped me get on last year, which was a huge for my business. We got 10,000 new signups in just one month and my first article was shared more than 60,000 times. If you’re looking for PR help, she’s a boss
— Jay Meistrich, CEO of