About Us

We are Sarah and Andrea.

Two longtime friends and PR-professionals with nearly two decades of combined experience. We coach entrepreneurs and solopreneurs on how to gain coverage by pitching their own stories to top tier outlets and gain exposure with the communities they want to serve. With us, you will get one-on-one coaching, strategy advice and hacks for working with media, and a powerful public relations tool box you can use to gain exposure and more dough and clients.


Andrea Holland

In 2014, after nearly 10 years working for large global PR firms, placing clients everywhere from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and TechCrunch, and speaking on the stages at CES and SXSW, I quit. 

I quit, with the vision and desire to travel more, work smarter and help more people. Working in Corporate America had it’s perks (which as an entrepreneur, I often miss!) but was eager to do something more. I left, and during the next three years, I:

Traveled the World. I was blessed to be chosen as the only American PR professional accepted to Project Getaway, a tech incubator with 20 people from all over the world in Southeast Asia. I connected international startups with North American press and VC’s and became well versed in international business, traveling with an understanding of the global media landscape as well as interpersonal relations between cultures.

Became an International Speaker. I was a guest speaker at Incuvest, a Singapore VC Firm, talking to startups about the value of PR and how they could use it to help grow their businesses, as well as the  keynote speaker at the University of California at Santa Barbara Panhellenic Kick Off, talking to college aged women about life post college and building a business.

Built a Business. Founded the first tech PR consultancy in Santa Barbara, CA focused on agile communications offering a balance of strategy and smart execution that delivers results;  within three months of going independent closed $50,000 worth of business; within 24 months, closed $200,000+ all derived from personal network and word of mouth referrals; managed 4-5 contractors nationwide and 4-5 multi thousand dollar clients simultaneously.

After these game changing years, returning to the U.S. and running the PR firm, I realized that the PR firm was exactly that - a firm.  It wasn’t designed for the solopreneur, the small business owner that was bootstrapping or the consultant looking to make a name for themselves. Those people weren’t wanting (or willing) to pay 5-figures a month for a PR firm. I wanted to create something that would help THEM put their name on the map. 

So to everyone reading this... I’m talking to you! This was built for you, by somebody who once stood in your shoes. Excited to meet you and help put your name in lights.

I earned a bachelor's degree from University of California, Santa Barbara.


I’m a San Francisco Bay Area based PR-consultant and a former journalist. I earned a master's degree in journalism from The University of Miami and a bachelor's degree from University of California Santa Barbara. Post graduate school, I reported for the Miami Herald newsroom and later worked as public relations strategist with PR agencies. 

Journalism to PR. I started out as a creative writer in New York City and wrote pieces for local publications like the New York Press and TheFrisky.com. Journalism was my next step. After earning my degree, I worked at the Miami Herald, the leading newspaper in South Florida. I reported at the breaking news desk and covered local government, community events and produced human interest radio segments. I decided to move back California and needed a job that would allow me to keep writing. I started working at a global tech PR-firm focused on companies in cybersecurity, information technology, cloud, data management and authentication. I worked with visionaries and the tech minds of greater Silicon Valley, and secured coverage in publications like NPR, Re/code, Entrepreneur and Forbes and top niche vertical outlets. I've traveled to Paris for work, presented before colleagues and worked in French.

Built a PR Toolbox. Every part of a PR program is part of a larger strategy aimed at industry recognition. Parts of that though required helping certain individuals and offerings stand out. During my time behind the desk, I executed and led strategy for speakership programs, social media strategies, awards programs, writing programs, company messaging, and prepared/debriefed company leaders for media interviews. This included award wins with well-known outlets like Computerworld and succeeded in publishing eight contributed content pieces in one month for one client. 

Consulted for Startups. I moved into consulting after years of managing relationships with target tech and business reporters at national, regional and trade media outlets, and developing creative story angles for outreach around trending topics or breaking news. Consulting was a departure from the larger companies I supported in my agency days that put me front and center with startups and incubators in technology and cannabis. At the start, I had two clients and within another three months I had five to six more clients knocking on my door. This was without business development. The leads came in organically via my larger network!

I had more than enough work and within the first year I was turning away business. How was this possible?! I needed to expand my services to support and help more entrepreneurs. That is when the focus changed and Andrea and I teamed up to create a process that could scale.