Re:Use Market群英会开奖今天结果,群英会20选5稳赚,山东群英会购买技巧

In June 2016 Stardust Mesa got a makeover and expanded the warehouse by 17,000 sq. ft, adding a new section called the RE:USE Market. a community partnership that helps raise funds for local organizations by offering space in the warehouse to sell in-kind donations like furniture.

A Reclaimed Wood & Hi-Tech Coffee Table群英会开奖今天结果,群英会20选5稳赚,山东群英会购买技巧

The Stardust Building Supplies warehouse in Mesa is mainly filled with salvaged cabinetry, appliances, and light fixtures but part of the space is also home to AZ Strut, a nonprofit organization that provides quality refurbished computers to schools and non-profits around the state. So, what happens when you combine reclaimed building materials with recycled computers? A feat in creative reuse!

DIY A Sideboard With Reclaimed Materials群英会开奖今天结果,群英会20选5稳赚,山东群英会购买技巧

The Stardust Repurpose Team is at it again! This time they built a sideboard for our conference room by reusing reclaimed base cabinets, hardwood flooring, and pallet wood. Easily replicate this DIY sideboard for your own home by following our how-to steps.

Green Your Holidays群英会开奖今天结果,群英会20选5稳赚,山东群英会购买技巧

In September, Stardust was lucky to receive a group of volunteers from the Intel Encore Fellow program to work with our organization for a year creating up-cycled projects with reclaimed materials. For the past month they’ve been hard at work creating recycled holiday items that are both unique and stylish.

Autumn Lantern群英会开奖今天结果,群英会20选5稳赚,山东群英会购买技巧

Here are tips for creating a beautiful autumn lantern. You can use your lantern as a standalone decorative piece, part of a floral arrangement, or you can hang it as artwork. Have fun exploring the possibilities!

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Shop In Store 群英会开奖今天结果,群英会20选5稳赚,山东群英会购买技巧

Our inventory changes daily, with prices 50-80% lower than department stores.

Donate Materials 群英会开奖今天结果,群英会20选5稳赚,山东群英会购买技巧

Your material donations help support our mission of reuse, and give materials a new life.